What we do

To maximise the potential of a product or service, Market Access must be considered throughout the development process. We use a novel process of systematic analysis, creative input and rigorous testing at each step in the journey, whether we’re making a broad pharma health economics appraisal, or zooming in on an area like med tech pricing and reimbursement:

Health Care Market Access Development Pathway

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3



Phase 4


Pricing &


Med Ed/
Prof Relations


Trial Design/Recommendations

Local Studies/Real World Evidence

Early Economic Modelling

New Indications/Claims

Pricing/Value Dossiers

Budget Impact Models


Patient Access Schemes

Treatment Algorithms

Brand Positioning

Campaign Development

Landscaping, etc.

Qual/Quant Research


KOL Profiling

Advisory Boards

Brand Advocacy

Publications Strategy


Customer Needs Analysis

Patient Org Support

Payer Relations

Our clients range from multinational corporations to SMEs and university spin-outs - from a variety of healthcare market sectors:
  • Pharmaceuticals: Primary and Speciality Care
  • Medical Devices: Consumables/Disposables and Equipment
  • Diagnostics: Point-of-Care, Imaging and Laboratory services
  • Consumer Healthcare

We have recently worked in the following areas: Allergy, Analgesia/Pain management, Cardiovascular/circulatory, Dermatology, Diabetes, Gastro-intestinal, Infectious disease, Intensive Care, Neurology, Oncology, Haematology, Respiratory, Rheumatology, Smoking Cessation and Women’s Health.

Pharma health economics

Strategic Analysis

Our work for pharma and med-tech clients includes the collection and analysis of market and patient data, gathering insights and systematically evaluating alternative scenarios to optimise the positioning of a product or intervention.

We use a variety of techniques including:
  • Data analysis and analytics, especially for large, complex, datasets
  • Market Landscaping
  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing research
  • Early-stage modelling
  • Patient pathways and treatment algorithms
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Brand positioning

Recent projects include:

  • Strategic assessment and business plan review of in-licensing opportunity for mid-cap pharma client
  • Early modelling to ascertain asset valuations and pricing strategies
  • Strategic HEOR advice
  • Developing company-wide launch-readiness programme for new product introduction for multinational pharma company
  • Opportunity analysis including qualitative and quantitative research in USA and Europe to determine the development priorities and applications for a novel POC diagnostic device
  • Market access planning for an image enhancement software company in the management of rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer
  • Developing business and new product development plans for various early stage companies/spin-outs
For further information contact Rob Whitemore via email or phone 07855 367380
Med tech pricing and reimbursement

HEOR (Health Economics Outcome Research)

We have novel approaches for finding the best way to maximise the value of your assets. We analyse the evidence and assess alternatives to secure the most favourable possible outcome. Our activities include:
  • Early-stage modelling/modelling outcomes
  • Health Technology Assessments
  • Budget impact/Cost-effectiveness modelling
  • Payer research
  • Pricing & Reimbursement analysis and submissions
  • Patient Reported Outcomes

Recent projects include:

  • HTA submissions in various therapeutic areas
  • Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs) in various therapeutic areas
  • Management of HTA process for first stem cell technology in UK including SLR and CE Model
  • Development of Budget Impact Models (BIMs) for various treatments
  • Early stage modelling for dermatological conditions in France, UK and USA
  • Production of early HTA advice booklets in Oncology for 3 EU countries
  • Pan-European pricing and reimbursement study for treatment in ALL
  • Payer assessment/pricing analysis of treatment for prostate cancer
  • Cost-benefit analysis of programme to assess risk of cardiovascular disease/stroke
  • Drug Tariff application for NHS reimbursement of wound care product
  • Pricing and health-economic study in diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis
  • CE model and papers for publication to demonstrate value of wound care product in NHS

Our team has recently prepared HTA submissions in Europe as well as reviewing assessments on behalf of NICE and other reviewing bodies.

For further information contact Rob Whitemore via email or phone 07855 367380
Pharma health economics

Medical Communications

We devise and deliver innovative Med-Comms programmes, to ensure your key messages get through to your target audience.

We create compelling, CPD approved, programmes for healthcare professionals. In addition to formulating and managing Advisory Boards with key stakeholders, both locally and internationally, we develop and/or devise:
  • Educational programmes and materials
  • Launch Meetings/Events
  • Patient Adherence Programmes
  • Publication Strategies
  • Medical Congresses and Satellite meetings
  • Value dossiers
  • Patient Access Schemes
  • Medical Writing Projects

Recent projects include:

  • Production of various manuscripts, posters, abstracts and papers for journal publication
  • Needs Analysis for treatment in NSCLC
  • Large series of global oncology advisory boards in various tumour sites
  • Series of CPD approved educational case study based meetings in anti-infectives
  • Series of European satellite meetings in microbiology
  • Series of clinician ‘talking heads’ DVDs
For further information contact Iain Claxton via email or phone 07885 444274
Med tech pricing and reimbursement

Professional Relations

In the new environment it is more important than ever to effectively engage with key stakeholders and opinion formers regarding market access - as early as possible in the development pipeline. We can readily identify key decision makers and influencers for the trial, evaluation and adoption of a product or service. Other activities include:

  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) / Stakeholder profiling and mapping
  • Shaping policy and building advocacy
  • Meetings management
  • Congresses and Satellite meetings
  • Training/Preceptorships
  • Partnership programmes

Recent projects include:

  • Payer and KOL engagement projects in various therapeutic areas
  • Early stage clinical Advisory Board in women’s health for European client
  • Payer Advisory Boards in dermatology for global multinational
  • KOL mapping and advocacy development programme in dermatology
  • Preceptorship programme in haematopathology
  • Case study based clinician training programme in microbiology
  • Global congress organisation and delegate logistical management in intensive care
For further information contact Iain Claxton via email or phone 07885 444274